Help, to get help

Get help

The community to fight the corona
menace in this crisis hour.

What this
platform is all

A mobile and web application to
bridge the gap between help
providers and seekers.

A huge database for Government,
Medics and NGOs to get the actual
crisis data location and person wise.

If more and more people come into this platform and add their services,
provide their need and pledge to help each other, a huge number of people going to be benefitted. The data also going to help the policy makers and authorities to understand the crisis and the way to handle it collaboratively.

All the people
On map, on list

Once you logged into the system you'll find people surrounding you. In a accurate location within map or as a list with contact information. You automatically join your local community based on your location.

The help info
Direct message

Pick a user near you. See how he/she could help you in crisis. What help he/she may seek. Contact the person with private message directly. Get the reply in your message box.

Community wall
Verified info

All the community broadcast in one place. Get the latest info of your locality. Check the authenticity by genuine/fake count. Add your input as well.

Search in need
Get the info
Contact people

An outstanding search when you need it. Just go for 'Mask' or 'Sanitizer', the result will be consist of the broadcast messages talking about them or the people who are dealing with them.

Message to all
Reply to others

A personal profile along with other options. All of your private messages and their reply. The people's messages for you to reply. And your community broadcast messages.

Join in a blink
Name & address
Privacy control

Just the phone number verification and you are in. Later you need to provide some personal info and a broad description of what you could offer to the society.

Why it’s better than existing solutions

The Application and the Platform will give people to become a Corona fighter in his/her area. The local community members will help each others by sharing various info. The way they could come by providing aid and support. Even anyone can seek help from the community as well. The system having all the required information of the helping hands. The system also knows who need what kind of help in that area. A robust search functionality is also there. The system will produce actual Data, Reports and correct analysis of the crisis which can be helpful to Government and Municipal bodies. The APIs are exposed for SMS based Help System for basic phone user. We cannot expect that all poor people and migrant laborers are using smartphone.

SMS service for
people with
basic phone

Not everyone carrying
a smartphone.

City dweller and daily wage
earners are in trouble.

There are so many apps/services for the smartphone users. But for the
basic phone users, this could be a great relief. The location specific help
data can reach a needy just by a SMS. The platform has exposed those APIs.

e.g. SMS CCH [keyword] [location or city] to 8888888888